YDA Business follows a professional framework in developing website projects. Our methodology and experience help us to find out the clients' requirements properly, minimizing the risks involved and also ensuring an on-time delivery of the project. Our web development services based on the latest technologies and competent industry trends which meet web standards and practices. Our web designs are all unique, customized and are aesthetically appealing. If you want to see the example of our work, browse our portfolio to have an idea about our developed websites. We ensure on time delivery of the projects and our procedure in development of website follows following phases;

  • Design Specification Stage:

  • This is the first step of web development projects in which we collect the design directives from the client about the preference related to color, style, design and business relevancy of the website.
  • Research and Designing of Mockup:

  • After taking specifications from the client, we research on the client's business requirement and then design professional and relevant mockup of the website that is based on the latest web standards. Our designs allow enhanced user navigation with simple functionality that allows visitors to find information without difficulty and making navigation a pleasure.
  • Revision Phase:

  • After that we take client feedback about the first mockup, and then we go for the changes required by the client and send the mock up design for approval. We make changes, modify features and manage the site content appropriately instructed by the client.
  • Development Phase:

  • In development phase, we develop the approved website with full customization. Our developed websites are user-friendly, search-engine friendly and are cross browser compatible.
  • Final Delivery of Website:

  • After the entire process, we deliver the fully customized and approved website on-time.
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