Restaurant Management Solution

Ashtar is a fully customized and comprehensive software that comprises of consolidated modules for all important operations in a restaurant business. It integrates diversified departments in a pre-planned series for efficient and easiest working. It manages all essential departments that include; services, banquet, administration (billing and management) in a circle with minimum efforts. This software application provides efficient working from table reservation, food management and serve for invoicing.

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Advantages of Ashtar
  • Streamlines Restaurant Operations
  • Enhances Customer Service Quality
  • Minimizes the Possible Delay In Serving
  • Ensures Employees' Performance
  • Facilitates Good Controlling of Orders
  • Helps Assembly Of Data for Upcoming Decision
  • Powerful Reporting Tools
  • Minimizes Administrative and Operating Costs
Salient Features
  • POS Integrated System
  • Focused on Restaurant Business Obstacles
  • Direct Management of Customer Ordering
  • Minimizes the Efforts of Back Office Management
  • Analytical Reporting
  • High Level Reporting of Daily Sales
  • EFTPOS Integrated