Content Management System

Adaptive CMS is a web based software system and is designed to allow users with no or little knowledge of web programming to manage their website content easily. It offers website collaboration, and administration tools to manage documents, links, images, menus, advertisement, media etc.

It allows non-technical users to do modifications in a website with little training and also allows multiple users to add, edit and delete content from a website. It provides administration through browser-based interfaces,

some features of YDA Adaptive CMS include;

Adaptive cms
Salient Features
  • Access Control
  • Easy to use
  • User-friendly interface
  • Online processing
  • Fully customized for particular business
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Imam zamin

Product Name:YDA Zamin

Skill used: This is a service (which will cover all windows servers , , php , asp , mysql , mssql )

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Imam zamin

Product Name:OSF

Skill used: mssql 2012

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Product Name:Ashtar

Skill used: MSsql 2008

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